February 15, 2021 – New equipment more than doubles over-molding throughput at the electronics contract manufacturing center near Rochester, NY



February 15, 2021 – Z-AXIS, Inc. ( has added a second low-pressure injection molding machine for wire and cable assembly production at its contract design and manufacturing center near Rochester, NY. The purchase more than doubles the company’s capacity for over-molding strain relief onto the custom wire and cable assemblies that it manufactures for customers throughout the USA.

Low-pressure molding is used to inject resins with relatively low melting temperatures into machined aluminum or 3D-printed molds. The low pressure and temperature allow manufacturers to safely encapsulate electronic parts that are placed into the molds. For cable assemblies, it creates strong, water-resistant strain relief that can be completely customized with respect to size, shape and material.

The new model KL-CX-01-2-09-1 low-pressure molding machine at Z-AXIS features a c-type shuttle table. This increases throughput by using two lower mold halves in tandem with one upper mold half. Workers can load or unload parts from one mold while the second mold is being injected.

Z-AXIS supports its customers in design and sourcing aluminum molds, which can be used to produce up to about 100,000 pieces. The company also designs and produces 3D-printed molds in-house for smaller production quantities. This makes over-molding an economical option for production quantities in the 100s or 1000s.

About Z-AXIS

Z-AXIS, Inc. ( provides quality design, prototyping and contract manufacturing services for complex electronic products and electromechanical assemblies. Services include electronic design and printed circuit board (PCB) layout, PCBA manufacturing, box builds, and wire and cable assemblies. The company offers fast design turnaround, competitive NRE charges, rapid production and low freight costs from its ISO 9001:2015 certified design and manufacturing facility that is located near Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo, New York. The company also designs, manufactures and sells commercial, industrial and medical power supplies under its Bear Power Supplies brand. Contact Z-AXIS at +1 (315) 548-5000.


Z-AXIS has added a second low-pressure injection molding machine to its custom wire and cable assembly manufacturing area. The KL-CX-01-2-09-1 increases throughput of over-molded strain relief on cable assemblies.


Aluminum and 3-D printed mold inserts make over-molded strain relief an economical option for production quantities in any volume, in the USA.



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