Rebecca Wiley joined Z-AXIS as Purchasing Manager in January and is helping to guide our Made in USA manufacturing company at a time when electronic components are in short supply globally. Rebecca has over a decade of hands-on experience as a buyer, purchasing analyst, and supply chain analyst at companies across the greater Rochester, New York area.

As Purchasing Manager for Z-AXIS, Rebecca is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing all of our  purchasing activities. She manages sourcing, negotiates contracts, provides guidance to buyers, and reviews vendor performance. Importantly, Rebecca also analyzes inventory and production levels along with demand to ensure product availability while minimizing inventory costs.

Before joining Z-AXIS, Rebecca worked as a Buyer for Rochester Industrial Control (RIC), where she qualified suppliers and ensured on-time deliveries. She’s also worked as a Supply Chain Analyst for Gleason Corporation, a machine industry manufacturer, where she shared forecasts with key suppliers and negotiated continuous productivity improvements related to component cost reductions.

Rebecca’s procurement career includes working as a Purchasing Analyst for AVANGRID, Inc. (formerly Iberdrola USA), where she analyzed proposals, evaluated supplier risk, and administered the competitive bidding process for a leading energy services and delivery company. She’s also worked as a buyer for Elo Touch Solutions, a supplier of touchscreen technology, and helped the company to pass its ISO 9001 audit.

Rebecca holds an A.A.S. in Business Administration from Cayuga County Community College.


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