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Learn how design engineering at Z-AXIS does more than you might expect.

Z-AXIS provides electronic design and manufacturing services all under one roof. Unlike your typical electronics design house, we do more than design boards and systems for electronics. We do those things, too, but we can also offer you much more than your typical electronic design service.

In the video above, you’ll see some examples of how our design engineers do more.


At Z-AXIS, our designer engineers are involved in a variety of tasks. For example, if a circuit board is inside an enclosure, we can help you to consider how the board is presented through a case or a front panel, and with a touchscreen or switches. Not every electronics manufacturer looks at mechanicals like this.


Yet, Z-AXIS can still help you with a circuit redesign, such as if a board works intermittently because of an issue with timing or sequencing. The depth of our assistance varies by project and customer but having the ability to leverage our engineering knowledgeable and experience is invaluable.


In addition to help with box builds and circuit layouts, our design engineers write, debug, and implement firmware for products like power supplies, controllers, and displays. During implementation, we ensure that the firmware works within your system, and testing is always a part of what we do.


For in-circuit or functional testing, our design engineers can develop test fixtures in-house. Not every electronic manufacturer has these capabilities, but Z-AXIS can test customer circuit boards to increase product integrity, and to keep manufacturing moving so that we meet deadlines.


With box builds, you’ll also find that Z-AXIS can do more than you might expect. In addition to fitting all of the wires and components inside an enclosure, we can machine metal or plastic enclosures in-house. Customers don’t have to wait for us to outsource this work, and they get a complete solution from design to assembly.


In addition, our design team reviews first pass yield data, a measure of manufacturing quality and production efficiency. They get feedback about their designs and can identify issues besides just manufacturing defects. With their commitment to continuous improvement, they’re ready to spot trends and pinpoint problems.


Our design engineers are also involved in failure analysis whenever there’s an RMA or return merchandise authorization. They can find out what went wrong and why, and look for design flaws that may have caused a product that passed testing to stop working.


Finally, our Design Engineering Team works hard to source the electronic components that customers need. Whether they’re comparing product specifications or reviewing options from approved sources, a day in the life of a design engineer at Z-AXIS is about more than just designing circuits.

Contact us to learn more and to discuss your application.



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